Friday, October 30, 2009

Men's luxury skeleton wrist watches - Pros & Cons

What exactly is a skeleton watch? Is it made up of the bones of animals? Are they only seen during the week of Halloween? Not exactly..these types of watches usually are encased in some type of transparent material that allows you to see the inner mechanisms of the watch working. Typically it is part of the face that can be seen ticking, sometimes it's the sides or back of the watch.

Pros - You get to enjoy watching the spectacular inner workings of a watch in motion.

Cons - If the skeleton watch face shows working gears behind it, it can occasionally be a little bit more difficult to tell the time. Some of the faces have extremely small numbers or are complicated to tell time. If you buy a cheap Chinese knockoff skeleton watch you should only expect it to last a few months (maybe a year or two). They typically will stop working after a short time.

The most expensive made skeleton watch is the the Skeleton Central Tourbillon from Omega according to the Watch Report. This watch is no exception from the well-known watches from Omega. The Skeleton Central has impressed with its 800 separate parts, each of them being hand-made, and with the placement of the tourbillon right in the center of the face. This watch is available for anyone being willing to pay $282,500 for it. We currently don't have any of these but are more than happy to help you sell it.

Here are some great examples of premium skeleton watches available at a discounted price for a limited time from Gray & Sons. Let us know in the comments which watches you like best and why?

Chronoswiss Opus
in stainless steel. Auto w/ subseconds,
date and chronograph. With box and papers. Ref CH 7523.

Est. Retail $12,950

G&S: $6,350

Special: $5,720

Cvstos Challenge
QP-S C QPS SYR in stainless steel on a rubber strap. Auto w/ date,
day, month, moonphase and perpetual calendar. Box and papers.
Limited edition of 50 pieces.

Est. Retail $27,600

G&S: $17,940

Special: $15,640

Zenith Chronomaster
in 18k yellow gold. Skeletonized dial and automatic
movement under glass w/ subseconds, date, day, month, moonphase
and chronograph. Complete with box and booklets.

Est. Retail $47,000

G&S: $29,500

Special: $27,900

in 18k pink gold on leather strap. Manual w/ retrograde
minutes, subseconds and date. Partially skeletonized. With box
& papers.

Est. Retail $49,000

G&S: $32,400

Special: $29,540

Corum Perpetual
Calendar Skeleton
in platinum on leather strap, with 18k white
gold deployant buckle. Auto w/ moonphase and perpetual calendar.
With original papers & Kubic watchwinding box.

Est. Retail $69,000

G&S: $37,950

Special: $35,970

La Tradition
in 18k on leather strap. Incredible skeleton
dial. Manual w/ power reserve. With box and papers. Ref 7027.

Est. Retail $24,000

G&S: $15,440

Special: $14,840

Rare Pierre
Kunz Spirit Of Challenge
Ref.# G403 in black steel & rubber.
Auto w/ sweep seconds, chronograph and day night. Box and papers.
Limited edition of 250 pieces.

Est. Retail $21,800

G&S: $14,170

Special: $13,320

Limited edition
Swatch Tresor Magique
in platinum on leather strap. Auto. Complete
with box and papers.

G&S: $2,700

Special: $2,350

Ref.# CH 7522 R in 18k pink gold & stainless steel
on a black leather strap. Auto w/ subseconds and chronograph. Box
and papers.

Est. Retail $12,500

G&S: $8,125

Special: $7,300

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a Rolex watch, of course the family would notice if a Doctor took it

Doctor running with Rolex watchNext time you have a medical emergency we suggest you remember to take off that Rolex watch even if it's used, even while under cardiac arrest. I was reading recently about a man out in California who had his doctor pocket his watch "instead" of resuscitating him. The man, Jerry Kubena Sr, a retired Manteca police lieutenant, on the ER table ended up dying and the remaining family slapped a lawsuit on the doctor. Read the full details here.

I would normally give a doctor the benefit of the doubt BUT when the nurses noticed a watch no longer on the man and a watch like "bulge" in the Dr.'s pocket things start getting questionable. But, it seems things get worse. Hospital security was called to investigate the dispute. Ignoring security's orders, the lawsuit notes Enmon walked out of the operating room and into the parking lot. This evidence was easily backed up by security camera footage.

Another nurse saw him toss something into the grass. Once security searched the area they found the watch. Hmmmm.... I feel sorry for the defense lawyer who represents Dr. Cleveland James Enmon, 32 yrs. old. Not going to be easy.

Have you ever took off your Rolex watch before going into certain locations or being admitted to the hospital?

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A historical perspective of the Rolex Daytona

Rolex introduced its first chronograph models around 1937. In 1960, Rolex gave the chronograph line a major facelift with the introduction of the Cosmograph (model 6239), a Rolex trademarked term which is similar to the chronograph--the cosmetic difference being that the 'tachymeter scale' is printed (or engraved) on the bezel rather than on the outer rim of the dial.

The legendary Rolex Cosmograph "Daytona" wristwatch traces back to the early months of 1961, when Rolex began manufacturing the Rolex Cosmograph. At the time, Rolex was a sponsor of the 24 Hours of Daytona race, and named its new chronograph watch after that famous race (why not right?). Because of their usefulness in calculating average lap speed, the watch's popularity took off in the motor racing community. This smart marketing maneuver would later become celebrated in marketing case study textbooks worldwide on how to successfully market a product.

Early models were iIntroduced in 1961 using a Valjoux 72 manual-wind 3-register chronograph movement, the Cosmograph, Cosmograph Daytona and Oyster Cosmograph Daytona were produced continuously until 1988. Relatively unpopular, they were replaced by a bigger Daytona featuring self-winding movements, using a slightly modified version of Zenith's El Primero caliber, under the name Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph. In 2000 Rolex replaced the Zenith movement with a 3-register chronograph movement entirely of its own design, the Rolex 4130 caliber (model number: 116520). Due to its limited production and increasing popularity, the stainless steel Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is considered a rare watch to own.

The Rolex Cosmograph Daytona is one of the most expensive watches marketed enough to be readily recognized by non-enthusiasts, and is often worn for this reason, The Daytona comes in several models, these can be identified by the color of the watch face, the type of metal used, and the type of strap, these include, white gold strap with white face; and stainless steel strap with black face amongst others.

It is fact that Paul Newman himself had worn the Daytona style of Rolex watch from the time he fell in love with automobile racing up until his death in 2008. Paul Newman was quoted as receiving a Daytona model from his wife in 1972. It was similar looking to some he had worn in movies and posters before but the 1972 watch was the real thing. Unlike other celebrities, Paul Newman was not a paid endorser of the Rolex brand, he just always wore one because he liked it.

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