Friday, November 23, 2007

Origin of an Horophile

First Things First
When I started at Gray & Sons four months ago I knew this much about watches: people wear them on their wrists. I have a watch somewhere in my closet that sees the light of day once a year, maybe. I don't wear jewelry or have any tattoos, and I thought quartz meant that a watch was really good. But as I began taking pictures of fine watches it dawned on me that there really is something special about a nice mechanical watch - beyond the purely aesthetic beauty of polished gold and shiny dials. I am beginning to understand how someone could spend $30,000 on a watch (!), and I daydream about some day being able to afford one (or many) myself. So what is it about a well crafted watch that fascinates us? Is it the unbelievable precision of the movement? The shape and weight of the case? I suppose some people buy a watch simply as a status symbol, but I imagine a collector couldn't care less about that. If he has the money to collect great watches status is not an issue. I must admit that if I could buy a nice watch, I'd have more than one. And this is coming from someone who, four months ago, didn't know the difference between Timex and Rolex! I'll grant you that I still don't know very much about watches, but I am learning more every day, and I am developing an appreciation that will undoubtedly last the rest of my life, whether I ever own a Patek or not! Browse the complete collection of fine watches at -Brian

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Top Name Brand Watch Straps and Bands

Gray & Sons are proud to announce the release of our extensive collection of original name brand watch straps and bands! We now feature a wide variety of new and pre-owned Rolex bands, as well as straps and bands from all of the leading watch makers in the world - including but not limited to: Patek Philippe straps, Cartier bands, Breitling straps, Bvlgari straps, Breguet bands, Corum straps, Omega straps, Panerai bands, Tag Heuer straps, Jaeger LeCoultre straps, Concord straps, Baume & Mercier straps, Bertolucci bands, Ebel straps, Girard-Perregaux bands, Piaget straps, Boucheron straps, and many more! Or to browse our entire collection simply click here. If you don't find what you're looking for please feel free to call our store: 800-705-1112 or 305-865-0999. We have thousands of straps and bands that don't yet appear on our web site!