Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's a Rolex watch, of course the family would notice if a Doctor took it

Doctor running with Rolex watchNext time you have a medical emergency we suggest you remember to take off that Rolex watch even if it's used, even while under cardiac arrest. I was reading recently about a man out in California who had his doctor pocket his watch "instead" of resuscitating him. The man, Jerry Kubena Sr, a retired Manteca police lieutenant, on the ER table ended up dying and the remaining family slapped a lawsuit on the doctor. Read the full details here.

I would normally give a doctor the benefit of the doubt BUT when the nurses noticed a watch no longer on the man and a watch like "bulge" in the Dr.'s pocket things start getting questionable. But, it seems things get worse. Hospital security was called to investigate the dispute. Ignoring security's orders, the lawsuit notes Enmon walked out of the operating room and into the parking lot. This evidence was easily backed up by security camera footage.

Another nurse saw him toss something into the grass. Once security searched the area they found the watch. Hmmmm.... I feel sorry for the defense lawyer who represents Dr. Cleveland James Enmon, 32 yrs. old. Not going to be easy.

Have you ever took off your Rolex watch before going into certain locations or being admitted to the hospital?

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