Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Watch President Obama

It is safe to say that President Obama enjoys wearing all types of watches. Whether it be for a casual outing or just another important conference meeting in the oval office, you will probably find President Obama flashing one of his watches around his wrist. From an early age, we know Obama enjoyed wearing watches. 

Throughout his life, photographs have captured Obama in his early childhood days all the way to law school and Commander in Chief, wearing many beautiful timepieces. It seems as if President Obama really enjoys wearing his Tag Heuer watch because of the many times the media has caught him wearing it. 

Who would of thought the President is a Vintage watch collector? For the past 15 years, Obama has been known to be the owner of a Vintage Tag Heur Aquarecer 500 amongst many others. Watch owners know a watch can reflect your lifestyle, sense of taste, but most importantly- who you are. Have you noticed President Obama's most recent watch? We have. 


Anonymous jasmine said...

I truly agree that a watch reflects your personality and sense of style. Hence, if one has the right finances, they would always love to have those cool timepieces like Breitling, Rolex and the likes. You are so observant and thanks for sharing it to all of us.

September 23, 2012 2:04 AM  

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