Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Roger Dubuis- A Legacy

Roger Dubuis has established itself amongst the top-tier watch brands of all time. The company was formed in 1995 as a partnership between Carlos Dias and Roger Dubuis. With a Doctorate in Political Science and an extensive background in Furniture design, Carlos Dias' passion for watches was what made him choose this career path. From an early age, Dias had a keen interest in watches, particularly pocket watches. After purchasing his very first watch at the young age of 18, Dias quickly grew a sincere passion for horology. It was only a short time after Dias traveled from Paris to Italy and then Geneva to start his apparel company. Amidst Dias' fascination for horology and his frequent visits to the Galerie d' Horlogerie, he met a gentleman by the name of Roger Dubuis in 1980. Dubuis had been restoring watches for Patek Philippe well over 15 years and there was no better time for both of these individuals to meet. After a long and healthy relationship, Dias contacted Dubuis in 1994 in hopes of working together and establishing a new company. In honor of a man he respected, befriended and admired as an individual- Carlos Dias decided to name his brand "Roger Dubuis".  It has been nearly two decades since the company's inception in 1995. Roger Dubuis watches have become one of the world's most renowned names in horology despite its young age. Best of wishes to Carlos Dias, Roger Dubuis and their future endeavors-- Gray & Sons.


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