Friday, August 10, 2012

Omega Watches: The official timekeeper of the 2012 London Olympics

Omega Watches at London Olympics in 1948

Omega watches has a long history with the Olympics. They first served as official timekeepers at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. The image above shows Omega watches serving as official timekeepers once again, this time at the 1948 London Olympic games shortly after World War II.

This is why this year is so special for Omega watches. Omega has played a major role throughout the years by recording the official times for many athletes' competitions. It is safe to say this role requires meticulous attention to detail to ensure accurate timekeeping and of coarse a love for sports.

This year Omega watches is celebrating by releasing their Olympic collection London 2012- and Gray & Sons is celebrating with them. We'd like to congratulate Omega watches for their remarkable accomplishments and association with the International Olympic Committee (IOC), developing some of the most significant innovations in timekeeping today. We will be offering great deals on Omega watches until August 15, 2012. Take a second to view our selection of Omega watches here
Cheers, lets go USA!

Omega Watches at London Olympics in 2012


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