Friday, December 18, 2009

"Tag Heuer" brand unaffected by Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods sponsors are still rethinking their long term association with the golfing great, but the reeling golf great’s mug still looms large in Boston, where the luxury Swiss watches he’s touting remain big sellers. In fact, Tag Heuer watches may even be getting more attention from the extra publicity.

A massive, thoughtful Tiger Woods sporting a pricey Tag Heuer watch is splashed across a Clear Channel billboard along Interstate 93 just south of the Hub. The ad asks “What are you made of?”

Tag Heuer - Tiger Woods - What are you made of?

Despite the tales of his personal life that have tarnished the once-squeaky clean “Athlete of the Decade,” Toodies owner Howie Jacobs said the billboard has been a boon for
business, and Tag Heuer is his No. 1 selling watch.

Jacobs said he hasn’t gotten any complaints about the billboard ad - which is paid for by the Swiss watchmaker - and he’s still selling lots of the luxury watches. “Tag Heuer is my No. 1 selling watch. Business is fantastic here,” Jacobs said. “There’s been no problems. If anything, I’ve been getting more publicity because people are looking at it.”

Some of his customers have had a good chuckle. “I don’t care. It’s great business,” Jacobs said.

Jacobs said the billboard ad has been up for a month and may stay up until the end of January. Clear Channel reps couldn’t provide any information on the ad campaign yesterday and whether similar Woods billboards are on display in the Bay State.

A Tag Heuer spokesperson didn’t respond for comment but the company has yanked Woods’ ads from stores in Australia and said this week it is assessing its relationship with the billionare golfer. The watches range in price from just under $1,000 to several thousand dollars.

Craig Rottenberg, president of Long’s Jewelers, said, “The power of the brand transcends Tiger Woods. We haven’t really seen, so far this Christmas, any dropoff in the brand because of the Tiger Woods scandal.”

Rottenberg did replace the Woods ads in his stores with another one from Tag Heuer. “We did not want to have his image up while the scandal was unfolding,” he said.

Added Jack Winer, manager of Lux Bond & Green in Boston: “Christmas sales of Tag Heuer are doing really well."

Do you think long term this really affect any of Tiger Woods sponsorships?  Do you think the extra publicity may have some sponsors paying more for him?

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