Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Interesting Bit of History

For someone like myself interested in watches as well as World War II history I found this little exerpt from HR: Watches Magazine interesting:
During World War II, Schaffhausen was the only Swiss town bombed by Allied forces. On April 1st, 1944, as a result of a fatal error, the IWC factory was hit by a bomb which, fortunately, failed to detonate after crashing through the rafters. The flames from incendiaries exploding nearby penetrated the building through the broken windows, but were quickly extinguished by the company's own fire brigade. (The U.S. claimed that pilots had mistakenly identified Schaffhausen -- the only sizeable chunk of Swiss territory on the north bank of the Rhine -- as a German target. They apologized profusely and paid out compensation, only to make the same 'mistake' again on February 22, 1945).
An honest mistake? or the workings of various American watch company executives conspiring to damage the Swiss watch market?


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