Monday, January 10, 2005

Another blog huh?

They say a new blog is created now every 7.5 seconds. So who needs another one right? Well if you are reading this then maybe you do. I figured if nothing else then a good blog about fine Swiss watches would at least help me learn more about them. (So forget you, this is all about me.)

For 4 years now I have worked for Gray & Sons Jewelers putting together a monthly catalog, updating the website, sending out emails, etc. I have had probably billions of dollars worth of watches and jewelry pass through my hands, their images captured by my Canon EOS D60, their description recorded into countless Word, Simple Text, & Quark documents. I've had to research numerous watches on the web & in reference books. With that said I readily admit that with only 4 years of experience I am far from being an expert on the topic. I hopefully though will be able to gather information as I find it and make comments when necessary. I will leave it to the real experts out there to hopefully read and add their own wisdom as they see fit and ideally bring us all a little closer to Swiss watch enlightenment.


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