Thursday, December 01, 2005

Orbita's Tourbillon Watchwinder

Don't be confused here. Orbita's new Futura Tourbillon watch winder is not a watchwinder for tourbillon watches. . . rather it is a tourbillon itself (or uses the tourbillon model to wind a watch more accurately). Confused yet? Here's Orbita's explanation:
Keep your watch in a winder for an extended period and it loses accuracy. Why? For the same reason that Breguet invented the Tourbillon watch mechanism in the days when pocket watches were in vogue. . . to negate the adverse effects of gravity when a watch remains in a fixed position. Our new FUTURA TOURBILLON winder constantly indexes the rest position of the watch so that gravity effects are canceled out. Digital displays of turns per day and actual time in a futuristic crystal glass framework. The future is now!

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If you are a big watchwinder fan you might also like this new informational site and forum: It is still pretty new and some of the sections are less than complete but it could be good. . .


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