Monday, April 11, 2005

50th Anniversary Rolex GMT Master II

In 1955 Rolex introduced the GMT Master (with its dual timezone feature) to a society that was increasingly traveling across timezones and working with people around the globe. This year Rolex is celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the GMT Master with a new commemoritive edition. Available only in 18k, it comes in two dial configurations: black dial with green 24 hour hand, or a beaming green dial. While the dial is the most obvious difference there are a few other features that differ on this new model as well. Though Rolex has not answered the call to produce larger case size watches that are so popular right now, they have made the lugs on this new GMT larger and the case heavier giving the entire watch a bigger look & feel. If you haven't seen them already, James Dowling has posted pictures of the watches on the Timezone Baselworld forum.

2006 is the 50th Anniversary of the Day-Date, so we will have to see next year what part of that watch they make green.


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